Vacuum mesotherapy

Vacuum mesotherapy  is  a therapy, which thanks to the advanced technology precisely damages skin by thousands of injections and forces the skin to the natural self-curing processes. It’s a modern alternative to micro-needling therapy or traditional injections. Vacuum mesotherapy is done hence five needle injection system that gives the active substances deep inside the skin by the computer. After the injection the damaged skin is stimulated to self-curing.

The advantages of vacuum mesotherapy:

  • There are no bruises or blue marks, thanks to the vacuum system that lifts the skin and separates it from blood vessels and nerves.
  • It enables the application of cross-linked hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma or botox.
  • It enables the precise application of substances in the right dose in the skin, which prevents building the lumps.
  • There is no discomfort while being under the treatment.
  • Right after the treatment it is possible to come back to everyday activities.


  • small wrinkles
  • crow’s feet
  • ageing prevention
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • flabby skin
  • cellulite
  • wrinkles and pigmentation over the neckline and hands
  • scars and stretch marks
  • hair loss
  • dehydration


  • moisture skin
  • smoothed wrinkles
  • equalisation of skin tone and its texture
  • enhanced skin elasticity, nourished skin
  • increase of skin elasticity
  • skin has its natural glow
  • reduction of cellulite

Recommended amount of treatments:

To achieve optimal effects, there should be 3-6 series of treatments at 1-4 weeks intervals.

Duration of the treatment:

The treatment takes 15 minutes (small area-around eyes), up to 60 minutes (bigger area e.g. face, décolletage, neck)


  • allergy
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • skin infection
  • active herpes
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • taking anticoagulants