Stretch marks

Stretch marks are similar to red or white irregular bands on the skin. Their colour depends on the phase that they are in. Mostly they appear on both sides of the body in every part of it but excluding face, hands and feet. Not only women face this problem but also men. It is not harmful defect but most probably unaesthetic. Their shape depends on the type of they body they appear on. On the belly they make circles around the navel, on the breast they make also circles, on the back they appear horizontally and on the thighs they are aslant.  Men have them mostly on their backs and shoulder girdle.

Why do they occur?

  • maturing period
  • sudden loss or increase of the weight
  • sudden increase in body fat and muscle mass
  • pregnancy
  • body building
  • menopause
  • endocrine disease
  • long-term general or local steroid therapy
  • unhealthy life style, low calorie diet
  • obesity

Stretch marks appear when the skin must stretch excessively and collapse. The collagen fibres, which are normally elastic, crack.  It happens without any pain. Sometimes it may itch or smoothly hurt.  They appear by women while having hormonal changes-during pregnancy, menopause or during sudden loss or increase of  weight. The stretch marks are not going to disappear within time, that is why it’s worth preventing them as soon as possible.

Recommended treatments: