Hair-hair loss

Hair has been always a sign of vitality and health. Their length, colour, density are the sources of sexuality. While decorating our head and styling the hair, we gain a lot of self-confidence.

Hair loss, independently of age and sex is related to discomfort and might be a huge aesthetic and psychological problem. Baldness also known as alopecia might be a symptom of a serious disease or disturbed homeostasis.

The causes of hair loss or bad hair condition might be:

  • genetic factors
  • nutritional deficiency (flat diet, not balanced diet)
  • intensive dieting
  • food intolerance
  • surgeries under anaesthesia
  • taken medicines
  • chemo- and radiotherapy
  • vaccination
  • chronic and intensive stress
  • poisoning (e.g. heavy metals)
  • mechanic factors (strong tidying up hair)
  • heavy periods (iron deficiency)
  • postpartum period
  • advanced age (physiological baldness after 60’s)
  • mental disorders (trichotillomania)
  • environmental factors (e.g. overexposure to the sun)

The hair loss might be also caused by skin diseases of the scalp: fungal infection, folliculitis, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, demodicosis, dandruff or auto-immunological diseases. It also might be caused by bad care of your hair, smoking (also passive), alcohol abuse, lack of sleep, unhealthy life style.

Recommended treatments: