EPN is a technology, which combines parallel automatic microcenthesis (Auto Microneedle Therapy System, Auto MTS) and electroporation to apply the active substances deep in to dermis in a very effective way. The phenomenon of EP allows the penetration of substances from the intercellular space into the cells due to unstable channels formed under the influence of electro-impulses. Having used these two methods, the incredible results are reached during one simple treatment. The procedure is performed using disposable sterile cartridges equipped with 9 thinnest needles 33 g thick. Needles length depending on the needs ranges from 0.2 mm to 2 mm. The mechanism works in a vertical vibrating system up to 5000 rpm, minimising unnecessary irritation and pain.

The special anaesthetic cream is applied on the skin before the treatment. In the initial phase biotechnology advanced cocktails containing active factors, including growth factors and biomimetic proteins are used and then the micro needling. In the second part of the treatment the active cocktail is used one more time but this time parallel using electroporation. At the end of the procedure, the skin is covered with a peptide preparation accelerating proper healing and a soothing mask is used. The skin after the treatment is red. After two days it may gently peel off.


  • stimulation of collagen production,
  • minimising skin irritation by vertical pressing, pain relief,
  • freely adjustable needle penetration depth from 0 to 2 mms
  • ergonomic shape that allows to use it even on contoured / in smallest areas
  • controlled microcenthesis of tissue within the dermis combined with the action of electro-impulses creating temporary and reversible formation of micropores for the most effective delivery of the substance


  • wrinkles and grooves,
  • skin lifting needed, flabby skin
  • acne and conspicuous pores
  • hyper-pigmentation and matt skin
  • bags and dark circles under eye lids
  • dry and thin skin
  • post surgical and acne scars
  • cellulite and strech marks