Our skin is starting to age in the third decade of our life. Ageing is inevitable and natural biological phase. It is a complex process defined by the changes occurred in our body. The cells are not that active that they used to be, the regeneration processes are slowed down, our immune system is not that strong as it was. The signs of this process are wrinkles. Their appearance and intensity depend on age and skin condition.

There are four types of wrinkles:

  • Expression wrinkles called frown, appearing at the age of 25-30. They occur due to natural face mimic-lifting the eyebrows (forehead wrinkles), squinting (crow’s feet), laughing. They are present because of decreased level of hyaluronic acid. The epidermis looses its flexibility, dries out and becomes thiner.
  • Dynamic wrinkles are also connected to the natural process of ageing. They occur because of the atrophy process. The collagen and elastin volume decreases and the nutritional substances don’t reach the deepest part of the skin. Wrinkles and folds occur, the skin becomes grey and limp, it seems to be tired and looses its firmness.
  • Elastic wrinkles (depth to 0,05 mm), they are caused by the harmful environmental factors such us UV exposure or cigarette smoke. The elastic and collagen fibres are being damaged, therefore the skin is not that stretch. It is thinner, dryer and small wrinkles are to be noticed.
  • Atrophic wrinkles (depth above 0,05 mm), they are strictly connected to passing of the time and gravity. Wrinkles are deep and visible. They are mostly located in the lower part of the forehead, neck and neckline. That is why the face shape changes during the years.

Recommended treatments: