About me

Derma Center
Cosmetology & aesthetic medicine clinic
by Kate Poensgen-Grycz

Master en cosmétologie

„Mieux vaut prévenir que guérir –
Prévention d’une peau saine”


„Prevention is better than cure”

About me

I graduated from the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice in 2017 and I obtained a master’s degree in Cosmetology. The title of my master’s dissertation was: „The influence of hyaluronic acid treatments on improving patients life in aesthetic medicine”. I gained the experience not only during my studies but also taking part in numerous trainings and courses. Thanks to various faculties and program of the studies I am able to treat my patients and help them to reach the expected results in a very professional way with the highest precision. Not only experience but also education help me in my everyday practise.
I like to share the theoretical and practical knowledge with my patients. In my work, I focus on the professionalism and effectiveness of the performed treatments. I believe that the sufficient effect might be reached only if the real problem is well diagnosed and supported by the usage of appropriate cosmetics. The most important award for me is the smile on my patient’s face. Therefore I constantly take part in trainings to be up-to-date and to offer my patients the newest treatment methods.
Personally, I am very sociable. A person, who spends her time very active. My favourite sport is skiing. I think that each day is a challenge.


In addition to aesthetic medicine we are specialised in cosmetology. Our beauty clinic offers a wide range of treatments, which aim is the complex skin care. Our excellent treatments for face, neck and décolleté make the skin nourished, firmer, rejuvenated, bright and make it glow. The skin looks healthier and more beautiful after the treatment. The offered cosmetics and beauty cocktails  are to prevent ageing of the skin, strengthen self-confidence by patients and make the skin more attractive. During a treatment we use the most luxurious and best products, which are personalised to each patient.

Why is our offer special?

Derma Center is a beauty clinic, which combines the knowledge from different branches. We use the most modern equipment and professional dermocosmetics, which help to solve skin problems. We try to meet all expectations of our patients and that is why we treat  them individually. At the beginning of each treatment we make an interview to find out more, what the patient needs and what are the contraindications. We focus mostly on Micro-needling mesotherapy and Vacuum mesotherapy with the newest technology of Vital Injector 2 ™- which may state the alternative for traditional medicine. The mesotherapy performed by Vital Injector is painless. There are no bruises or blue marks and it doesn’t require any recovery time.  Vital Injector  enhances the precise placing of the substances such as hyaluronic acid, platelet rich plasma or botox  in the skin in small doses.  It is the only one method on the market, which enables vacuum multi-needle application of the product deep inside the skin.

That, what makes us special, is practise. We look at cosmetology and aesthetic medicine from the perspective of the effectiveness and safety of the treatments. We are guided by our sense of knowledge and experience. The last but not least aspect is to use the equipment rationally – that is our motto.

Aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is the answer to requests of modern people. It’s more effective, less invasive and painless. It may rejuvenate the skin and make it glow at any age. Thanks to aesthetic medicine it is so easy to care about skin, touch it up or act preventive against ageing.

Cosmetological as well as aesthetic medicine treatments are the focus of our clinic. We know our patients, we listen to them and try to meet their expectations. Our beauty clinic is a place, where everyone may experience a metamorphosis

At Derma Center we eliminate asthenic imperfections and improve skin structure throughout the body. Aesthetic medicine is not a secret for us. We have the necessary experience and professional knowledge.  All treatments are carried out with qualified equipment and highly valued products. There is no aesthetic problem that we couldn’t solve. At Derma Center you can improve your facial features and shape, refine your wrinkles, tighten the skin and remove cellulite!