Conspicuous pores

The conspicuous pores are the common problem of many women. They are caused by the extended production of sebum and contamination and all in all are considered not to be a face defect. They are symbiotic part of human organism and they play essential role such us: thermoregulation and  excretion of toxins. Some of us has more pores, the others have less. It depends on genes. Though, there are reasons, why they may be sometimes widened: overproduction of sebum, acne, incorrect care. If you have oily skin, the contaminations cumulate in pores, because the exfoliation of the epidermis has been disturbed. The old cells stick to the skin because of the remaining sebum. This process creates suitable environment for acne. The pores widen, because more and more sebum is cumulated in it, what in a consequence leads to inflammation.

Recommended treatments: