Falling upper eyelids and crow’s feet

Ageing is a natural process of time. It is normal that with age our skin is not that stretch as it was, and elastic fibres disappear. This problem is to be seen mostly on upper eyelid, which falls, because of lack of skin tightness. The upper lid is flaccid and falls on moveable part till lash line. This process adds couple of years and preclude professional makeup.

The factors that may cause the falling of upper eyelid are:

  • stress that leads to hypoxic cells,
  • incorrect care of the eye area,
  • weight loss,
  • ageing
  • weak muscles
  • stress,
  • incorrect care

Crow’s feet

Crow’s feet is a name for wrinkles that appear over the eye area. The skin there is very sensitive  and thin. Moreover the orbiculares oculi muscle works intensively, because it is in charge to open and close eyes and to blink. Due to its work, the wrinkles appear. By people at their 25s they appear only while smiling and blinking, later they are visible all the time. Crow’s feet are mimic wrinkles and are inevitable as they are part of ageing.

Recommended treatments: