Flabby skin

The lack of skin elasticity is a natural process of ageing. It happens due to decrease of fibres activity and the decreasing number of collagen and elastin in them. The skin covers deeper parts of the body: tissues, muscles, bones, so we may compare the skin to the membrane that covers the changeable scaffolding. When we are young the skin remains tight around the scaffolding. While time is passing by, the scaffolding changes and shrinks, so that the skin falls down and remains being too much.

The reasons for flabby skin:

  • overexposure to UV and lack of anti-ageing prevention
  • excessive consume of sugar
  • smoking
  • menopause-hormonal disorders by women
  • hyaluronic acid loss-this substance is responsible for right hydration of the body and keeping water in the skin
  • dehydration
  • sudden weight loss-the skin doesn’t react on that so quick, but massive excess of skin might be visible over the belly, shoulder and thighs.

Recommended treatments: