Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequency

Micro-needling Fractional Radiofrequecy – called as micro needle termo-lifting is one of the most precise treatments, which gives the desired effects and lifted skin immediately without using any scalpel. It works two ways at the same time: firstly the skin is injected and secondly at the sam time overheated by radio-frequency. Thanks to small inflammatory processes present in the different parts and depths of the skin the remodelling process of collagen may start. The device head is terminated with a sterile disposable cover fitted with microneedles. After reaching the skin surface by the device head, the needles are injected to 0,5 up to 3 mm inside skin and heated up to 45-600C. The emitted waves heat the protein fibres of the skin and make the skin produce new collagen fibres.

The advantages of RF:

  • It is a bipolar energy, which is delivered directly to dermis without any damage on epidermis.
  • The radiation leads to overheating of the skin and thanks to that the rebuilding and recovery process starts. The new collagen fibres are being created.
  • The RF treatments is a procedure carried out in local anaesthesia to minimise pain.
  • LED combination therapy accelerates healing process in the skin
  • Treatments might be carried out whole year independently on the season.
  • It is possible to come back to everyday activities right after the treatment.


  • lack of elasticity and flexibility of the skin
  • wrinkles
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • flabby skin
  • conspicuous pores
  • wrinkles and pigmentation over the neckline and hands
  • scars and stretch marks
  • post acne scars
  • excessive sebum production
  • nasolabial grooves
  • rebuilding of the skin


  • smoothed wrinkles and grooves
  • reduction of post acne scars and conspicuous pores
  • recovered and rebuilt skin
  • reduction of hyper-pigmentation
  • tighten skin- lifting effect
  • enhanced eye contour
  • flexible skin
  • rejuvenation hand skin
  • reduction of cellulite
  • equalisation of skin tone and its texture
  • enhanced skin elasticity, nourished skin

Recommended amount of treatments:

To achieve optimal effects, there should be 3-4 series of treatments at 1 month intervals.

Duration of the treatment:

The treatment takes 40 minutes (small area- around eyes), up to 90 minutes (bigger area e.g. face). Before the treatment, a layer of anesthetic cream is applied to the skin.

After an RF Microneedling treatment, the skin is slightly swollen and red for about 1 – 2 days (weekend procedure). If desired, the redness can be covered with a light, medical make-up. So you can go back to your usual activities. As a rule, it takes approximately 7-10 days to heal completely.


  • pregnancy, breast-feeding
  • skin infection
  • mechanical skin damage
  • active herpes
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • implanted pacemaker or other metal implants,
  • epilepsy
  • cardiovascular disease
  • multiple sclerosis