Beautiful hands are the visiting cards of woman. Unfortunately our hands have a very hard life doing all the activities each day. They are exposed to some itching factors: UV radiation, detergents, hard water, frequent hands washing-which gets the skin rid of hydro-lipid layer. The hand skin is very thin and has almost no sebaceous gland, that is why it’s mostly dry and ages so quickly. Very rarely do we remember to use a hand creme, so the first pigmentation signs show off at the age of 35. Around 40s there are blood vessels and tendons visible on the hands, because the fatty layer is beginning to disappear. Then the first grooves and wrinkles appear.

Visible symptoms of skin ageing:

  • dryness and roughness
  • grooves and wrinkles
  • hyper-pigmentation
  • visible vessels and veins.

Reasons for skin ageing

  • genetic, natural ageing
  • detergents
  • chlorinated water
  • chemical substance
  • atmospheric factors: wind, frost, sun
  • home duties done without gloves

Recommended treatments: