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Our specialties are cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. We know our patients, we listen to them and try to meet their needs. Our salon is a place where everyone can experience a metamorphosis.


Our skin is starting to age in the third decade of our life. Ageing is inevitable and natural biological phase. It is a complex process defined by the changes occurred in our body. The cells are not that active that they used to be, the regeneration processes are slowed down, our immune system is not that strong as it was

Falling upper eyelids

Ageing is a natural process of time. It is normal that with age our skin is not that stretch as it was, and elastic fibres disappear. This problem is to be seen mostly on upper eyelid, which falls, because of lack of skin tightness.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks are similar to red or white irregular bands on the skin. Their colour depends on the phase that they are in. Mostly they appear on both sides of the body in every part of it but excluding face, hands and feet.

For body and face

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For body and face

Non-surgical procedures

HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) is a phenomenon in the aesthetic medicine which enhances the anti-ageing processes without scalpel.

Micro-needling mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment of injection of the healing substances deep in the skin. 

Vacuum mesotherapy is a therapy, which precisely damages skin by thousands of injections and forces the skin to the natural self-curing processes.

Skin tightening without a scalpel


Focus Dual RF + Hifu

Vital Injector 2

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