Plexr it is a modern technology that applies plasma energy which heats the skin making it tighten. The active factor is plasma, which is ionised matter similar to gas. The positive aspect of it is that the current does not flow though the patient’s body during the treatment, so the treatment is safe. The plasma works point wise  and does not damage deeper parts of the body. Its task  is to evaporate the outer layers of the epidermis which increases the skin tension and reduction of wrinkles. PLEXR is an amazing alternative to the traditional surgical method of eyelid lifting. It gives the optimal clinical results, the treatment is safe for the patient and doesn’t leave any surgical spots.

Advantages Plexr:

  • The only device on the market that does not make current flow through the patient’s body during the treatment.
  • Performed without any scalpel or dressings.
  • Without any sides effects such us bleeding and inflammation.
  • The treatment procedure doesn’t last long.
  • The effects are to be seen right after the first treatment. The effects are visible up to 2 maximal to 4 years.
  • Short recovery time— scabs after surgery, 0.5 mm in diameter, stay on the skin for 4 to 7 days.



  • lifting of eyelid and eye area,
  • wrinkles in eye area,
  • bags under the eyelids,
  • smoker wrinkles
  • hyper-pigmentation, marks
  • removal of skin lesion such as warts, fibromas,