Dry skin

Dry skin is in the other words known as the skin which produces less sebum than it needs. As a consequence of that the skin runs out of lipids, which are vital to protect it and keep it moistened. If a woman has a dry skin, she suffers also from the feeling of unpleasant tension of the skin. After cling with water, the skin is dry, puckered and it feels as if it burnt. This type of skin might be also: chapped, brusque, matt, thin, pale, the epidermis is flaking on it and the blood vessels are strongly visible. The skin is not stretch enough and very sensitive, it has tendency for wrinkles especially around eyes.


  • weather conditions including the following factors: cold, dry, hot air,
  • UV light
  • irregular and false care
  • menopause
  • age
  • genetics

What causes dry skin?

  • extremely low or high temperature
  • overexposure to the sun
  • solarium
  • air conditioning
  • dust
  • chlorine, soap, cosmetics including alcohol which dries the skin
  • detergents,
  • chlorine water

Recommended treatments: